Alegarse! Yawners new album Duplo is out now!

Alegarse! Yawners new album Duplo is out now!

The fantastic brand new album Duplo from Yawners is finally out now! If you're forever in search of huge, fizzing, hooky alternative rock moments with a chaser of hummable power pop then this record is definitely for you.

If you're new to the Yawners hype train make sure to check out the catchiest song of 2022 (period) Honey and the riffing Rivers Cuomo, which the man himself even approves of!

You can pick up Duplo right now on sultry Purple vinyl, or if you're a member of our Legend subscription you'll get the exclusive Blue/Purple/Pink starburst variant in May. Sign up by 20th May to get your hands on this pressing!

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