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BSM Christmas Gifts? Discounts galore!

BSM Christmas Gifts? Discounts galore!

We know Christmas is an expensive stressful chore at times, so we got you. We've combined a load of BSM goodies with some nice discounts so you can share your love of music with everyone... or just treat yourself to a little something you like. Easy!

For all your vinyl heads, there's a variety of awesome LPs (from £9.99!)across the years including the likes of Owen, Delta Sleep, Proper., Martha, Laura Jane Grace, The Fall of Troy, MAN ON MAN, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Cursive, Mom Jeans, Great Grandpa and loads loads more... so you can share the gift of music or just fill that gaping hole in your collection!
Then there's of course the traditional festive fayre - how about a nice Christmas card? Whether it's the popular American Football, Get Up Kids, Chris Farren designs or one of our others, something for everyone to write their tidings of joy inside.  And you'll need to decorate your tree right? We've a glitzy bauble for that.
The weather's always on a bit of a mad one this time of year yeah? Take a look at a range of beanies, caps, t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers to keep you warm and looking good!
Lastly, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the joys of postal delivery so keep an eye on those delivery dates too. Get those orders in by Friday 16th Dec if you're aiming to get your mitts on them before Baby Jesus's birthday. And maybe a week or so before that if you're lucky enough to live somewhere further afield than the UK!

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