Jamie Lenman announces Muscle Memory Max

Jamie Lenman announces Muscle Memory Max

Behold! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of it's release, Muscle Memory is being re-released on black vinyl for the first time ever!

“I was never supposed to have a solo career, but then Muscle Memory just sort of happened and it kicked off ten years of records and touring. It was just supposed to be a fun project that would give me and Sean a reason to hang out, like two buddies fixing up an old car or something. There was no budget, no deadline, and of course it quickly spiralled out of control. I think it’s pretty obvious that I was going through a kind of crisis at the time, but the result is fascinating and I’m very proud of it.” says Lenman

Made up of 2 LPs in a tri-gatefold sleeve and complete with a massive 19 track bonus pop-out CD, all completely remixed and remastered never before heard gems, acoustic versions and alternative takes; this is the perfect addition to any Lenman fans collection.

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