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Jamie Lenman announces UK tour and new single

The one and only Jamie Lenman kicks off the month with a host of exciting announcements. A UK tour, a new single, and a new EP on the horizon... but we're not telling you much about that just yet. All we'll say is it's called Iknowyouknowiknow and it'll be released on 5th May. Stay tuned, as they say.

But enough with the teasing and on with TODAY'S news! You can check out the video from brand new single Words of Love right here:


The single is available to stream/download everywhere right now and you'll be able to see Jamie playing it live on the below dates:

    • 08.04.23 - ​​Portsmouth - Takedown Festival @ Guildhall (w/ Ithaca, Palm Reader, Loathe etc) 
    • 15.04.23 - Leeds - Strangeforms Festival @ Brudenell Social Club (Sat headliner) 

Tickets on sale Fri 3rd February

And now we'll leave you with some quotes about Words of Love from Mr Lenman himself:

“‘Words Of Love’ is a very old song that I've been trying to get on a record since some time between the second and third Reuben albums, but it never fit anywhere until now. Even so, I still had to shave off a few of the post-hardcore edges to make it fit with this project, so if you think you can hear a little mid-noughties vibe in there, that's why. For a long time this was on rough track listings for the album, but in the end we decided it would be nice to give it a starring role on the EP instead—otherwise it would have been fighting for attention.”

“Thematically it's about somebody's reaction to a past infidelity, their inability to get over it or even recognise their own culpability. In that way it's very much the flip side of ‘Let's Stop Hanging Out’, where the person is reacting to the same situation in a much more accepting way. In fact, I wrote the middle eight section at the same time I wrote LSHO, when I was in college. So they share some of the same DNA."

The video came out of nowhere, because we'd had the tour and then Lenmania and then Christmas to deal with,” explains Lenman of the concept. “Suddenly it was the first week of January and we needed it the next week. I said to Jen on the Sunday night: 'We're gonna drive up to Manchester on Tuesday morning and drive back home the same day—we'll have about six hours in between, so let's just book a room, fill it full of lights and instruments and see what happens!'"

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