Meat Wave

Meat Wave take aim with 'Ridiculous Car'

Meat Wave take aim with 'Ridiculous Car'

Fans of big ol' gnarly rippers rejoice, because Meat Wave are back with yet another fast-paced, tubthumper in new single 'Ridiculous Car'.

Chris says:

There is a special place in hell for bros who zoom down the expressway weaving through traffic like they’re playing Grand Theft Auto. The reckless endangerment that we are all subjected to because some douchebag installed a spoiler makes my blood boil. Plus your car looks stupid. The arc of this new collection of songs moves from looking outward to inward. When it comes to one’s vices and vanity and ignorance, maybe I am not too dissimilar from these fucking bros. In other destructive ways. I digress. Ultimately, it’s a ripper. 


Ripper indeed. Listen now and watch the lyric video below and keep your eyes peeled from even more from the band soon!



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