New Signing! Welcome... Other Half

New Signing! Welcome... Other Half
Seems a while since we announced a new signing, but what better way to come back with an almighty bang of righteous noise, by bringing Norwich's top post-hardcore/punk trio Other Half to the label!
And the band aren't wasting any time hanging around either, dropping the ferocious double single Like A Dog/Slab Thick, streaming everywhere now.
From the 40-second blast of nasty, grinding hardcore of Like a Dog to the meaty pop song wrestling around in Slab Thick it's a welcome introduction to their delightfully delicious mix of sneering punk, post-hardcore and sardonic storytelling.
But why stop at mere introductions when you can immerse yourself in their brand-new album Soft Action out 2nd December?
Mixing the energy of post-hardcore luminaries such as Drive Like Jehu and Fugazi, the ragged hooks of Pixies and Superchunk,  the discordant squall of Sonic Youth, and top it all off with some searing Converge-esque like intensity - the new record is an absolute ripper and a must-listen!
If you want to catch the band live (and trust us you do) don't forget to check out their UK co-headline tour with Modern Rituals in November!

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