Origami Angel release second album 'GAMI GANG'

Origami Angel release second album 'GAMI GANG'

The day has finally come where Origami Angel's new album 'Gami Gang' is unleashed on the world via Counter Intuitive. For fans of Macseal, Picture of Vernon and Michael Cera Pailin, Gami Gang stacks each of the album’s songs with fizzy, frenetic interplay and choices as bold as they are exciting.

Listen to the new album now!

Songs like “Noah Fence” — which balances sweet romanticism with religious nose-tweaking — burst at the seams with inventive, head-spinning riffs and dynamic call-and-response gang vocals, while “Bed Bath & Batman Beyond” somehow packs a dizzy, triumphantly melodic shredder of a guitar solo on top of a violently fast and hard drum pattern within a tight, clever pop song that runs its course in under 60 seconds.

We're distributing the record throughout the UK and Europe, so if you haven't got your hands on the AB/CD Black/White 2LP now is the time!

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