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Reuben's Pilot EP gets the vinyl treatment!

Reuben's Pilot EP gets the vinyl treatment!
You heard it right - new Reuben vinyl!

Back in the summer of 2000, school friends Mark Lawton, Jon Pearce and Jamie Lenman won a battle-of-the-bands competition and used the prize money to record the five tracks that would become their first professional release, entitled Pilot. Then called Angel, before the EP was released on local label Badmusic they changed their name to Reuben . The rest is history!

This EP is now getting the vinyl treatment and it's an absolute must-have for Reuben aficionados.

Not only have the five original tracks been re-mastered but – after a chance discovery of a DAT tape in a loft, there are now five extra tracks on the B-Side along with more exciting pre-order bonuses.

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