Watch a the video for Giant Giant Giant by ME REX

Watch a the video for Giant Giant Giant by ME REX

ME REX have released brand new single ‘Giant Giant Giant’ with a brilliant, mysterious and puppet filled video to match! Check it out below!

Myles created the video with his his brother Max McCabe, with handmade puppets both playing out the track and acting out the shadow of an Arthurian epic; the video is just as endearing and nostalgic as the track itself.

“When it came to making a video for ‘Giant Giant Giant’ I knew we didn’t have a lot to spend but I wanted to create something that was visually engaging that could help expand the world surrounding ME REX,” explains Myles McCabe. “I love all things fantasy so there was never really any question that the visual aesthetics would take cues from the Lord of the Rings, The Dark Crystal, Adventure Time and Dungeons and Dragons. I also wanted to shoot for the balance of creepiness, deep lore and fun you find in Steven Universe, The Midnight Gospel and Over the Garden Wall.”

“I developed stories for Phoebe [Cross] and Rich [Mandell] that each used simple imagery to tell familiar stories. Phoebe comes across a vicious snake, is presented with a sword and slays the monster. Rich sees a meteor crash to earth and goes on a journey to find it, he is knocked off course by a wave but ends up reaching his destination and finds the meteorite is a crown. Eventually I decided that it was enough for my character to sit on a mushroom, read a book and sing the song.”

ME REX are on tour in November. Their debut album 'Giant Elk' is out 20th October, and you can pre-order it right here

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