ME REX announce mammoth new project ‘Megabear’

ME REX announce mammoth new project ‘Megabear’

ME REX have announced their new album, Megabear, made up of 52 tracks intended to be played in shuffle mode to let the listener create their own sonic narrative, out on 18th June digitally / 23rd August physically.

Alongside the music, Megabear also exists as a deck of cards, designed by Jono Ganz, each representing a track that when laid out form a combination of songs to be listened to in order that you can check out virtually on their nifty website

They've also revealed new single Galena, which they masterfully pieced together from 6 ‘segments’ taken from Megabear and randomly arranged using the accompanying deck of cards.

ME REX are unafraid to push the boundaries of what an album can be, inspired by the symbolism found within the pages of alchemical text ‘Splendour Solis’ by Saloman Trismosin, they strayed from tradition and set themselves the challenge to write a song split up into a series of short cells, each lasting for roughly 32 seconds in 4/4 time and Bb key. 

This is ME REX’s most ambitious project and you can pre-order it on luscious Blue Moon vinyl, as well as the deck of cards and a new Megabear inspired t-shirt. 

Family Friend Legends - this is your vinyl drop for August! You’ll receive this genius project  in all its glory pressed onto transparent blue vinyl.

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