Surprises are great right? So if you're an Owen fan hold onto your hat because ... surprise! The Avalanche Remixes is streaming everywhere now.
It features reimagined versions of all 9 tracks off the latest album and Mike Kinsella calls on an incredibly talented array of friends and peers including Jay Som, Thao Nguyen, NNAMDÏ, Now, Now, Norman Brannon, and Hrishikesh Hirway among others to help out.
Mike himself says:
I’m so honoured to have so many truly unique / creative voices spend time and critical thought deconstructing and then reconstructing these songs that I had lived with solely as my own for so long. I find myself marvelling at the different production techniques, the minute details others chose to focus on, and overall, how much of everyone’s personality shines through each of their respective mixes. The outcome is much greater than the sum of its individual contributions - a collection of cohesive chaos.”
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Owen also tour in November: